Welcome to Pure Potential
Pure Potential® is a wholistic Social Interventions Development Company registered with the Jamaican Association of Social Workers, offering resource services that are thought filled and strategic. 

We support and encourage the growth and development of individuals, groups and organisations.  

We provide specialised healing-wellness events, retreats, conferences and luncheons for the entire human family, especially those wishing to book retreats on the island of Jamaica. 
During these events clients can participate in therapeutically enhanced learning seminars to develop connectedness, love, inner peace and personal tranquility. These persons may include the following members of society:  men, women, children, sexually abused persons, persons challenged by HIV/AIDS diagnoses, and persons experiencing difficult life traumas. 

We are guided by the strong minds of our team of international consultants who care passionately about healing.  In addition we cater for those practitioners who seek to further develop their own skills and expertise in healing.  We have worked with the following professionals: Therapists, Social Workers, Psychologists, Teachers, Guidance Counsellors, the Police, Nurses, and Doctors. 

Our work generates a deep sense of awareness and illumination of current global social situations and encourages all stakeholders to create healing remedies at all levels of society.

Training Events 

First Response Island Tour 

In 2010-2012 our First Response Training for the Professional Management of Sexual Abuse and Exploitation program toured the island delivering in Mandeville, Kingston & Hanover we developed positive partnerships with several stakeholders* in the quest to education professionals in managing the dynamics of Sexual Abuse. Eighteen Behaviourial Scientists were awarded the first Response Certificate we would like to give a special thank you to our partners.

Retreats and Regular Events

Sister to Sister Therapy Retreats is a forum for Women's Personal Development from any of life's traumas. The retreats are designed to positively re-balance your life through heartfelt person-centred exchange.  The interventions are developed to offer reflection, relaxation and delight.   

Well Women Transition Retreats for women making life transitions between the ages of 30 to 40 years,  40 to 50 years and 50 plus years.  These retreats cover a wide range of issues: health, finance, relationships, sexuality, intimacy and aspirations.  The forums offer a wide range of pre-selected healing modalities for women to create their own person wellness programmes.

Professional Retreats at these retreats professionals in organisations benefit from focusing on their internal world to maximise and strengthen professional output to fulfill company initiatives and mandates.  


Pure Potential recommends a variety of yoga disciplines to maintain a healthy mind, body balance during the 2012-2013 calendar we will be facilitating a number of health based costal retreats.


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