Healing Retreats

The retreats are our premier healing forum where we specifically deliver a range of individualised interventions to meet collective group needs, including family groups.

The extended and consolidated time of a retreat offers our clients a rare and unique opportunity to positively impact every life cycle system. These systems range from meeting our clients' physical health needs, dietary  needs, and physiological and spiritual desires.  We cater to the herbal supplementary needs of persons who are evolving from detrimental physical conditions. We also cater to the dietary needs of special constitutions, as well as to individuals wishing to transition from one diet to another. Our multi faceted practitioners design  programs from our baseline therapy, coaching and movement momentum, interventions as well as employ specific alternative therapies to address a myriad of issues.

 The Benefits Our Clients have shared

I have been to many therapists over the years and none of them compare with Pure Potential. The speed of recovery I experienced from my history of sexual trauma was phenomenal; I felt different in eight weeks.

Client A

I felt totally at home within the retreat, as I was in the company of women who had experienced similar issues to me. We were made to feel welcomed, valuable, and at one with each other as we discussed difficult things.

Client B

Somehow I have spent the majority of my life alone. Joining Pure Potential has provided me with a safe group of people of all ages who have bravely and generously shared their life stories. I have had some of my best days with Pure Potential.

Client C

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