Therapy and Training

Our Professional Stakeholders

The Child Development Agency

 Ministry of National Security

U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

Partners for Peace

Jamaican Association of Social Workers

Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) 

Positive Solutions International

Bromstone Primary School, Ramsgate, ENGLAND

Therapy services

Pure Potential® offers a menu of therapy, trainings and events. Send an email directly to or call us at 876 476 1724 to request any of the training programmes advertised or to commission a specialist training programme for your company or agency.  Alternatively make your request on our bookings page.

Individual Therapy - clients can access our person-to-person appointments via self referral or doctor referral which are held in Mandeville or Kingston.  International clients can book, phone or receive Skype sessions via our bookings page.  

We offer therapy to men on a wide range of issues and on request facilitate male group forums, facilitated by our male and female practitioners.

Sister to Sister Promise Therapy offers a spiritually uplifting, eclectic group therapy experience. It is essential for all women to book prior to attending.  The group consists of women who engage in individual therapy who wish to have a broader, deeper experience.  Sister to Sister therapy is a scheduled programme of 6-weekly group sessions.

Training and services

The First Response Series offers you a wider range of strategies, skills and knowledge to manage the issues of sexual abuse and exploitation in your professional life. View details for First Response Training Hanover.

Professional Supervision Group - this new programme is especially designed for practitioners to extend their professional development.  Reading, study and discussion will be the identified learning tools.  Pure Potential®  have over one hundred paperback titles to choose from, including the compulsory reading of the Courage to Heal written by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis.

How to protect our children from Sexual Abuse offers protection and safety strategies to parents. This two and a half hour workshop illuminates and educates parents and Teachers about the phenomenon of sexual abuse. It also serves to enhance the parenting ability of the primary care givers as well as other individuals instrumental in the development of children. 

Publications educates and sensitises the general public in regards to all aspects of the phenomenon of Sexual Abuse Exploitation and Sexual Trauma.



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