Sponsorship and Gratitude

This is where we give thanks, praises and gratitude to our many sponsors. You collectively keep us inspired by your generosity. You have donated items and sent love and mentorship to provide for both practitioners and clients' needs. You have contributed to our newly created library where books on the issues of sexual abuse and self motivation are greatly appreciated. These books form a wonderful toolkit for individuals on their healing journeys. We thank you for helping us to help individuals commence their healing journeys.  All books which were donated to Pure Potential are being used to inform both our clients and our training program participants to a variety of strategies for dealing with sexual abuse within different life contexts.

Healing Spaces 

Is our latest initiative in working across the island of Jamaica.  We recognise that a very important factor in healing is missing.  Spaces and therapy rooms for healing.  The team at Pure Potential are blessed with many creative abilities and have decided to put these skills to good collective use by creating therapy rooms and healing gardens.   

Healing Space 1 
The Child Development Agency's, Chapelton Boys' Home, manager's cottage has been identified for the new therapy suite for boys and contact venue for the parents of the looked after children.  This has been funded by the estate of the late Mr Hopeton Simms who was originally from Coxswain District, Clarendon.   

Healing Space 2
The Mustard Seeds, Mary's Child Children's Home.  This is a facility for girls aged between 10 and 16 who have been sexually abused and are preparing for motherhood or are new mothers.  Their facility is in desperate need of a healing garden and therapeutic room for safe intervention and calming space to bond with their new babies.  Landscape designer, Mr Barry Gardener from Long Island, New York is currently designing this project to maximise healing for all of the children.

Healing Space 3
At the home of Pure Potential, Mandeville, Jamaica, we have began the process of creating a healing garden and cottage dormitory to accommodate our clients who are still living in abusive home situations and have no access to respite from the abuse.  Many of our clients ask to stay at our venue for up to 3 hours after their sessions and would really welcome an alternative space to recuperate, calculate and chart new plans for their futures. 

Jennifer Simms and Jacqueline Bygraves gave us lightening bolt support, when our director recently visited the UK to join in the Olympic celebrations.  They set up booths throughout the London schools summer camps raising £200 from sales of Jamaican buttons, pins and keyrings for healing space 3.  Additional support is still needed to fulfil and complete these projects.

To our Sponsors - we give thanks!

Nubian Sisters Jammin' Wid Lit', Inc. is a reading group that was founded in August 1993.  Their doctor Michelle Morancie, recently donated another dozen books to our self empowerment library.  For this we are eternally grateful.   

A major goal of Nubian Sisters Jammin’ Wid Lit’, Inc is to promote literacy, cultural awareness, and the development of writing skills among the children in our local community.  To this end, we encourage our membership to participate in community service projects that are organized by the group.
First Response Partipants with donated books

Other Sponsors to whom we are most grateful

Kenroy Simms donation of a Blackberry phone and his visit to us from the USA to participate and support our team meeting and our Kemetic Yoga workshop.

Jennifer Simms and her teenage daughter Hasina have donated 10 autobiographical books from authors who have experienced severe histories including that of sexual abuse. 

O'Brien Dennis Foundation kindly donated 'The Cries of Men' which describes men's experiences of sexual abuse whilst growing up in Jamaica.

View O'Brien Dennis's website.

Dominic Carter Foundation donated 'No Momma's Boy' and numerous articles.  This book is a deeply moving autobiography, from the unusual experience of a male being sexually abused by his mother who suffered severe mental health challenges throughout her life. 

View Dominic Carter's website.

We would also like to personally thank:

  • Pioneer Chocolate - Manchester, Jamaica
  • GAIA Day Spa - Mandeville, Jamaica
  • The Bread Shop - Mandeville, Jamaica
  • Paradise Patties, St Elizabeth, Jamaica
  • Jenfr Mason, Ward Avenue Yoga - Mandeville, Jamaica

Financial Support and Other Donations

We work with a number of clients who do not have access to a steady or regular income.  In order for us to continue to support these individuals we actively welcome the further support of sponsors.  Your financial support will help us to sustain therapy for a number of our clients, please view our Powerpoint on Sponsorship Information.  If you can help please donate to the following business account:

Account Name: Pure Potential

Bank Name: Victorial Mutual Building Society

Address: Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica

Account Number: 236 488 35

Book Reviews
The First Response Training Program participants' have written reviews of the donated books which will appear on the site shortly.  The First Response Training Program is currently touring the island.

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