Children's advocates joining forces

The Children's advocates across Jamaica are joining forces to challenge sexual abuse at many different levels there is a 'Yes We Can' attitude in the air..... With Betty Anne Blaine's Children's Rally condemning the acquittal of the US pastor Paul Lewis on 30 June in the downtown park in Kingston.

See Kevin O'Brien Chang's recent article below entitled 'The Cost of $exual Abuse.

Media Articles

The cost of $exual Abuse and Rape  

Marie Sparkes interviewed by Kevin O'Brien Chang,
Jamaican Gleaner
3rd July 2011

I recently had a talk with Marie Sparkes, director of Pure Potential LLC Jamaica, whose company has been strategically getting our Jamaican society at all levels to deal more seriously with the terrible problem of childhood sexual abuse and rape......
read more


Rape of children - 'Jamaica, no problem'

Column by Betty Ann Blaine
Jamaica Observer
21 June 2011

Dear Reader,

The not-guilty verdict in the recently concluded sexual abuse case involving the Reverend Paul Lewis is nothing short of a national disgrace, and if our country has any semblance of shame and outrage left in us, we should all be crying out with a loud voice about the barefaced travesty of justice that we have just witnessed....... read more


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